Green Policy

The Leeway has a Gold Award with the Green Tourism Business

At The Leeway we know we are very lucky to live here in Whitby, with the wonderful sea and beaches and the beautiful North York Moors on our doorstep, and we are conscious of our impact on the environment. As a business we take our environmental responsibilities seriously.

Our aim is to keep it to a minimum without affecting the excellent quality of service and accommodation we provide.

We would like to achieve this by providing a responsible and sustainable tourism.


Wherever possible we source our ingredients from local producers, keeping the local economy running and lowering the mileage. For our Guests we use the best Yorkshire produces supplied from local farms. We have the majority of supplies delivered, saving on using the car.

We use eco Kettles, and our Clipper Tea Selection and Coffees are Organic

Bamboo Towels have become hard to get hold of recently, so some of our towels are a mixture of Bamboo and Cotton or are ECO Friendly towels.


Since January 2009 we monitor the energy we use. We have already reduced our overall consumption of electricity by using low energy lighting and switching off all unused electrical devices.

In November 2009 we installed Grade A, UPVC Double Glazing and Doors to the back of our property. (We cannot do the same to the front of the property as we live in a conservation area)


We use gas central heating and hot water system. The system was installed in 2022 and was the most effective on the market at that time. Each room is individually heated through radiator valves and a thermostat timer controls the whole.


There are flow reducers on taps where possible. All en-suites are showers. Weights have been added to toilet cisterns to reduce water wastage. We water our garden with the water created by the condenser dryers.


We compost our kitchen waste in our wormery and use the liquid fertilizer this produces to feed our plants and use the compost it makes to grow our own flowers and vegetables. We print as little as possible and use-recycled products as much as possible.


We recycle as much as possible and encourage our Guests to do the same. We use recycled materials where possible i.e. toilet paper, printing paper, all our glassware in the dining room. Items that can be re-used are given away to local charity shops or a local residential home,(such as furniture that we have replaced).

What you can do

  • You can help us by:
  • using water and electricity in a sensible way.
  • Switch off your TV and lights when you leave the room.
  • Re-use towels, this will save a lot of water, electricity and
  • Place old newspapers by your bin for us to recycle.
  • Leave your car parked for the duration of your stay, and enjoy walks around Whitby. We have provided some booklets in your ‘what to do’ packs for short walks both on the East and West Cliff and for further a field, or catch the local buses or even the Steam Train
  • Thank you for your support in helping the environment.